Very professional and friendly.

M.O. and V.O.

I thought you should know how grateful I am to you for all the help you have given me and also for the privilege of being able to phone you any time I need help in legal matters, etc. You have lifted a huge load off my shoulders since my husband has passed away, and may God bless you, and return to you and yours all the good you have done for others.


I just saw a trust last week belonging to friends of ours because my husband has been named as successor trustee, and they wanted to go over it with him. It really made me appreciate even more what you did for my mother. Thorough and covering all bases. Thank you again for a job well done.

J. K.

I felt that you took care of my Estate Planning needs. I trust your judgment. P.S. Your daughter is adorable.


We really think you are great, warm, personable and caring! From the first time meeting you, we felt very comfortable and very trusting from both of you. Thanks for being so nice to us and making us feel so very comfortable and fortunate for your help.

R.M and M.M.

I consider you a friend. Thank you for your service.


I felt very comfortable with you as a person, and as my attorney. Keep up your very mannerly attitude and professional conscientious work.


I felt so at ease with you people. I feel like I’m in very good legal hands now.


I believe our relationship is very good. We know you and your family, after meeting your wife and daughter, and we are happy for what God will give you in the future. Just keep up the good work with your clients!

H.R. and E.R.

Tom, we really appreciate the great work you did on our complicated situation. Thanks so much!

B.D. and R.D.

For all the extras you did for me, I am truly grateful. Seldom do you find this courtesy in younger ones nowadays. It was so nice having my son there, too, to give me support.


Very warm and professional. I feel very confident in Thomas. Thomas is very thorough in explaining, a great teacher. I feel my affairs are in order. I feel I have a new friend. Thank you for all your help, kindness, humor and expertise.


A new relationship that exceeds expectation. Thomas, it was divine guidance that we found you. P.S. You and your wife, baby and baby to be are really wonderful people. It was a pleasure doing business with you and having fun with you. I will recommend you to anyone who needs this type of legal service.