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Why a Letter of Intent is Important

Why a Letter of Intent is Important

Quick-Guide To Your Estate Plan: The Importance of Letter of Intent Everyone expects their Los Angeles estate planning attorney to help them write a will, set up trusts, and create power of attorneys. These
Tips on Choosing the Right Trustee

Tips on Choosing the Right Trustee

How To Choose Your Trustee The final decision of who will be managing your Los Angeles estate when you’re gone is a huge one. While you might be tempted to just pick an old
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The Risk of DIY and Online Wills

The Problems with Do-It-Yourself or Online Will With the advent of the internet, many look online to answer their common questions. It’s no surprise that people start their search for legal advice on the
elder care attorney for Medi-Cal

Elder Law Attorneys and Medi-Cal

Los Angeles Elder Law Attorney for Medi-Cal Planning There is no actual major in school for elder law. Elder law is a recent discipline that was born because it is necessary. As the average
estate planning for retirement in California

Estate Planning Tips For Your Retirement

Los Angeles Estate Planning Attorney To Help You With Your Retirement Plan After years of logging hours on the job, you are finally nearing the treasured time of retirement. You’ve worked hard and deserve