Platinum Club Membership for Financial and Estate Planning

Do you have a comprehensive and coordinated financial and estate plan?


Our Platinum Club Members Do!

platinum clubOur Platinum Club is a member-only club which provides substantial and ongoing benefits to clients of our firm.

Members of the Platinum Club will enjoy many benefits they will not likely receive anywhere else. For example, Platinum Club members receive discounted (or even free) legal services throughout their membership. Children, relatives and friends of members may also receive discounted legal services. Members will receive ongoing financial and legal advice on a regular basis (at minimum, annually or semi-annually). Platinum Club members will have regular access to Thomas L. McKenzie, Attorney at Law, in the event that they have important questions regarding their financial or estate plans. And, all benefits of membership are included in the low annual investment advisory fee, which is similar to the fee you would pay a bank or brokerage firm for investment advisory services alone.

In other words, if you wish to establish a fee-only investment advisory account in order to receive professional investment advice and services, you can either pay a financial advisor, bank and brokerage firm between 1% to 3% annually for ongoing investment advice, or you can pay roughly the same amount (or less) in fees to our firm, and you will receive all of the additional benefits of being a Platinum Club member, without additional charges.

Finally, there is the convenience of receiving your estate planning and financial services at one location from one person. This will cut down on the time you need to spend on your planning needs, the costs of retaining multiple professionals services and provide for more efficient management of your overall plan.

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