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At the helm of McKenzie Legal and Financial, Thomas McKenzie brings his visionary insight, serving as the lead among our Downey estate planning attorneys. With his dual expertise as an accomplished financial advisor and legal planner, Thomas personally oversees the crafting and customization of all documents, steering clear of the one-size-fits-all templates commonly used in the industry. His approach ensures a bespoke fit for each client, covering all aspects comprehensively.

The absence of a skilled Downey estate planning attorney can result in significant legal oversights, possible conflicts, and escalated expenses. At McKenzie Legal & Financial, we address these issues with customized solutions, providing complete coverage tailored to each individual's unique requirements. Our expert team of Downey estate planning attorneys excels in navigating the complexities of the law, protecting assets, and ensuring legacies are preserved. Choosing us grants you access to our expertise, individualized care, and detail-oriented strategy, all of which are crucial for the safeguarding of your financial future through proficient estate planning.

McKenzie Legal & Financial is the premier choice for estate planning, backed by extensive expertise and a solid track record of success. Our experienced Downey estate planning attorneys are dedicated to developing personalized solutions, guiding you smoothly through the estate planning process with precision and care. Engage with us to explore the details of your plan and receive strategies that are precisely aligned with your needs. We invite you to request a complimentary 30-minute consultation to discover how we blend financial and legal planning to assist you in effectively managing the complexities of estate planning.

Our distinction lies in our commitment to excellence. Each client is given individualized attention, ensuring a comprehensive approach that secures their financial future through estate planning. Trust in McKenzie Legal & Financial for our dedication to reinforcing your plan and providing peace of mind in preserving your legacy. Opt for us as your estate planning partner in Downey, leveraging our expertise as the foundation of your financial security. Reach out to our legal experts at 562-526-6941 to enhance your financial future through estate planning and protect your legacy.

Why Opt for Downey Estate Planning Attorneys from McKenzie Legal & Financial?

  • Bespoke Solutions - Our Downey estate planning attorneys specialize in offering customized strategies and designing complete solutions that cater to your distinct needs.
  • Proven Expertise and Track Record - Distinguished by our solid track record, the team at McKenzie Legal & Financial is composed of experienced Downey estate planning attorneys committed to navigating you through the complexities of estate planning.
  • Focused Individual Attention - Our dedication to excellence is unparalleled, ensuring each client benefits from focused attention and a comprehensive strategy to secure their financial future.
  • Comprehensive Legal Strategy - Trust our thorough approach to estate planning, which addresses potential challenges and strengthens your financial security.
  • Preservation of Legacy - Select us for your estate planning needs in Downey, and allow our expertise to be the cornerstone of your financial well-being and legacy preservation.

Downey, CA

Downey is a city in southeast Los Angeles county. It’s considered a gateway city between Los Angeles and Orange County and has a population of about 111,000. The oldest operating McDonald’s restaurant is in Downey and it has been there since 1953.

When the city was first founded, dairy was one of its main industries. Before World War II, it became known for crops like castor beans and fruit, especially oranges. After the war, the area was developed, and houses and factories were constructed.

Downey was also home to an aviation company that built 15% of the American aircraft in 1941. The company transferred ownership several times—but North American Aviation kept ownership when it became the birthplace of systems used in the Apollo Space Program and Space Shuttle.

The largest employer in the city is Kaiser Permanente, with the Stonewood Center mall coming in second. Downey Unified School District and the Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center also employed over a thousand residents of Downey.

Why You Need an Estate Plan

Creating an estate plan is the best way to protect your loved ones from the hassle and legal expense of an extended probate court case. McKenzie Legal & Financial specializes in estate planning, and our legal team will work tirelessly to meet your unique needs.

The specifics of your estate plan depend upon your finances, the people you want to include as beneficiaries, and more. While wills can be used to divide your property, they may not be the best choice for everyone.

Wills are a matter of public record, while trusts are kept private, making them a better option for those who want privacy for themselves and their beneficiaries. Trusts are also useful for asset protection.

Our law firm has expertise in asset protection of all kinds, including asset protection for Medi-Cal eligibility. We can also keep assets safe for beneficiaries who can’t manage their own inheritances, such as minors or those with addiction issues.

Our legal team can handle even the most complicated situations with the care and attention they deserve. Mr. McKenzie has many qualifications from organizations like the United States Veterans Administration and the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, making him the ideal person to handle special cases. 

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Our committed team of Downey estate planning attorneys at McKenzie Legal & Financial stands ready to assist you with your estate planning needs. Offering tailor-made solutions that address your specific situation, we aim to secure a prosperous financial future for you and your family. Don't let your legacy be vulnerable to risks — take proactive measures to protect your assets with our skilled guidance. Book your consultation today at 562-526-6941!

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