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McKenzie Legal & Financial is uniquely qualified to help you develop your investment strategies and provide overall financial and investment advice. Our founder, Thomas L. McKenzie, who was selected as a 2011 and 2012 “Five Star Wealth Manager Award Winner,” has over 20 years of professional experience as a financial advisor. Mr. McKenzie can analyze your current portfolio and assess your risk tolerance by means of an objective analysis as well as a thorough review of your financial goals and timelines. We can help with the following:

Developing Your Investment Strategies

* Your proposed portfolio model will be selected, taking into consideration time horizons until the funds are needed, your risk tolerance, and the coordination of your tax-deferred and taxable assets.

* Your portfolio allocation balance is monitored regularly to ensure that it remains in line with the stated objectives. The performance of your account is also monitored continuously, rebalanced (if needed), and reviewed personally with you on at least an annual basis, or more often, if you desire.

* As a fully independent financial advisor, Mr. McKenzie is not restricted to any investment product or service, and works exclusively for the benefit of his clients. In fact, he has a legal fiduciary obligation to act in each clients best interests. We care deeply about helping our investors achieve their goals and objectives, and endeavor to provide them with the highest-quality service and guidance.

Advisory Account Features and Advantages

Our advisory services offer a number of standard and optional features and advantages:

  • An account valuation and activity report published periodically by Pershing LLC.
  • A quarterly Investment Summary Report highlighting allocation and fund changes, by Pershing LLC, whose brokerage statement was ranked number one in the industry in 2009 and 2010, and number two in 2014, among a field of 17 independent broker-dealers by DALBAR, Inc., the nations leading financial services market research firm.
  • Convenient access to your account online or by telephone.
  • Optional cash management features, including check writing and MasterCard services.
  • Direct access to your professional advisor, available for consultations at your discretion.
  • Consolidation of investments for easier management and simplified record-keeping.
  • Access to thousands of mutual funds, many of which are no-load.
  • Access to quality-loaded funds which you can purchase at net asset value, without a front-end or back-end load.
  • Access to institutional asset class money managers, an option that is generally closed to the retail financial market.
  • Access to thousands of mutual funds which you will be able to trade without incurring a clearing charge or transaction fee.
  • Expert assistance with estate, title and beneficiary issues from Thomas L. McKenzie, JD, RFC, who is a California Licensed Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney.

For Qualified Accounts (IRAs, etc.)

  • Extended asset retention, money management, and estate planning opportunities, such as stretch IRA beneficiary options.
  • Timely contribution and distribution reporting is provided to you, the IRS, and state tax authorities.
  • Periodic current year contributions and distributions can be established via the no-fee ACH system for IRAs and education savings accounts.
  • Required minimum distribution calculations and year-to-date withdrawals are provided to individual investors on their brokerage account statements.
  • Rollover IRA services are available for qualified distributions from qualified plans, 403(b) arrangements, and 457(b) plans.

Portfolio Management Fees

Although fees are based upon those arrived at through mutual agreement between Thomas L. McKenzie and the client, generally, fees for portfolio management range from between 1% and 1.5% of assets under management.

Program Objectives

We strive to produce returns for our clients that are substantially higher than returns from guaranteed interest or fixed-income sources. We seek to produce above-average returns at below-average risk using a combination of management strategies such as Asset Allocation, Sector Rotation and Defensive Strategies in uncertain markets.

Asset Allocation consists of combining several different types of investments in a single portfolio suitable for your risk tolerance and objectives. Investments in the stock market are usually classified by the capitalization of the underlying securities (large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap) and/or by the geographic location of the underlying companies (domestic and foreign). Mutual funds are our underlying investment medium and are also classified by management style (growth, value and blend). The main advantage of asset allocation is that it provides broad diversification.

Depending upon your risk tolerance and objectives, Sector Rotation may be employed. Specialty sector mutual funds concentrate their investments in a particular industry or in a single market index. The main advantage of sector rotation is that it permits us to overweight the more attractive sectors of the market in our portfolios.

Defensive Strategy consists of using an asset allocation that we feel best fits the market environment. We think the long-term success of an investment program hinges on controlling risk during bear markets. In the investment equation, we believe risk control is more important than gain potential.

Platinum Club Membership

Do you have a comprehensive and coordinated financial and estate plan? Our Platinum Club members do!

Our Platinum Club is a member-only club which provides substantial and ongoing benefits to clients of our firm.

Members of the Platinum Club will enjoy many benefits they will not likely receive anywhere else. For example, Platinum Club members receive discounted (or even free) legal services throughout their membership. Children, relatives and friends of members may also receive discounted legal services. Members will receive ongoing financial and legal advice on a regular basis (at minimum, annually or semi-annually). Platinum Club members will have regular access to Thomas L. McKenzie, Attorney at Law, in the event that they have important questions regarding their financial or estate plans. And, all benefits of membership are included in the low annual investment advisory fee, which is similar to the fee you would pay a bank or brokerage firm for investment advisory services, alone.

In other words, if you wish to establish a fee-only investment advisory account in order to receive professional investment advice and services, you can either pay a financial advisor, bank and brokerage firm between 1% to 3% annually for ongoing investment advice, or you can pay roughly the same amount (or less) in fees to our firm, and you will receive all of the additional benefits of being a Platinum Club member, without additional charges.

Finally, there is the convenience of receiving your estate planning and financial services at one location from one person. This will cut down on the time you need to spend on your planning needs, the costs of retaining multiple professionals services and provide for more efficient management of your overall plan.

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