Gardena Estate Planning Attorney to Help You Secure the Future of Your Family

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Gardena Estate Planning Attorney to Help You Secure the Future of Your Family

Estate planning lets you make crucial decisions concerning your finances and the distribution of your assets after your passing. Our Gardena estate planning attorney can help, call us now!

At McKenzie Legal & Financial, we offer a variety of estate planning services in Gardena that help you live your life with confidence. Our financial and estate planning law firm can assist you in planning for retirement, end-of-life care, and beyond.

Thomas L. McKenzie is a registered financial consultant and a top-rated estate planning lawyer in Gardena, CA. Our attorney works across a broad range of areas to make sure your final wishes are carried out the way you want.

Gardena, California

Gardena is a city in the South Bay area of Los Angeles county. The city has a population of about 58,000 and was nicknamed the Freeway City because it’s bordered by freeways on all sides.

The city is home to a wetland preserve with more than nine acres of marshland with many types of vegetation and wildlife. Local universities study and manage the native species to keep them out of the area.

The area was settled by Americans after the Civil War and was mostly occupied by farmers and ranchers. The many berry crops led to the city being nicknamed Berryland. In 1887, real estate developers began building settlements.

The population is ethnically diverse and the city is known for its large Japanese-American population. Many Japanese companies have their US headquarters in the city, including Nissin Foods, Digital Manga, and Marukai Corporation USA.

The Memorial Hospital in the city is the top employer, followed by the Hustler Casino and United Parcel Service.

Planning for the Future in Gardena

Estate planning is a form of financial planning that is often overlooked until later in life. However, it’s never too early to start making plans for your legacy. Estate planning allows you to make important decisions about your finances and how your assets will be distributed after your death.

Without an estate plan, your estate will go to the probate court, where it will likely spend several months as a judge makes decisions about how to divide your assets among your family members. This often racks up significant legal fees for your beneficiaries, and it can also prevent them from settling your affairs.

A clear, logical estate plan makes things much easier for your loved ones. The executor of your estate can simply use your will and trust documents to handle the transition. Your estate plan can even include directions for your funeral, burial money, and other practical concerns.

Estate planning benefits you and your loved ones alike, and it’s one of the most important investments you can make.

Choosing a Reliable Attorney

There are many attorneys who offer estate planning services but don’t specialize in them. At McKenzie Legal & Financial, we focus specifically on estate planning and financial planning. Our expertise means we can handle even the most complex cases and help you make the most of your estate.

Our estate planning attorney has over two decades of experience in estate planning and as a financial consultant. There’s no one better suited to help you manage your finances and ensure that your beneficiaries can benefit from your assets. 

We understand that providing for your loved ones is a top priority during estate planning. We can handle any unique situation that affects your finances or family. Our attorney can create special trust funds for minor children, disabled beneficiaries, and more.

Get in touch today to schedule a free consultation with our skilled attorney! During the appointment, you can discuss your concerns and learn about possible solutions. Contact us at McKenzie Legal & Financial today!