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La Mirada Estate Planning Lawyer

Even with untimely passing, estate planning will ensure that your family will be taken care of and that their future is secured. Our La Mirada estate planning lawyer can help, call us!

At McKenzie Legal & Financial, we offer a variety of estate planning services in La Mirada that help you live your life with confidence. Our financial and estate planning law firm can assist you in planning for retirement, end-of-life care, and beyond.

Thomas L. McKenzie is a registered financial consultant and a top-rated estate planning attorney in La Mirada, CA. Our lawyer works across a broad range of areas to make sure your final wishes are carried out the way you want.

La Mirada, California

La Mirada is a city in Los Angeles County with a population of about 48,000. It borders Orange County and is a suburban, residential area.

The land was developed in the 1950s, and prior to that had groves of lemons, olives, and grapefruit occupying the area. When the city was incorporated in 1960, there were over 8,000 houses within city limits.

La Mirada Theater for the Performing Arts is one of the best-known establishments in the city. It hosts music and theatrical performances. It’s also home to Biola University, a private Christian educational institution that prints a variety of academic and campus publications.

The Splash! La Mirada Regional Aquatics Center is another popular attraction. It houses pools for recreational swimming, water exercise, and a water park section. The center offers swimming lessons all year for students of all ages.

Biola University is the top employer in the city, followed by the school district. The city is known for the quality of its educational institutes.

Estate Planning in La Mirada, CA

Estate planning is a very personal process, and each individual’s plan is different. When you work with McKenzie Legal & Financial, you’ll get legal guidance from a skilled attorney with over 20 years of experience in the area of estate planning.

Your estate plan may include a will, trust, advance directives, and other documents. Wills are the legal documents people think of most often when they think of estate planning, but there are other ways to plan for the future.

Trusts are an excellent tool for distributing money smoothly to beneficiaries. The assets contained in a trust are private, and they can even protect your beneficiaries from taxes. When you create a trust, you can add stipulations to protect your family’s wealth.

Trusts can keep assets safe for minors and provide them with the funds they need for education and living expenses until they are old enough to handle money themselves. In the meantime, a trustee can manage their funds and pay bills or distribute the money as necessary.

Finding the Right Lawyer

Our attorney is an elder law expert who can help clients prepare for the possibility of long-term care. Having a financial plan in place is essential to prevent your assets from being wiped out by the high costs of care.

Planning ahead ensures that you and your family will be provided for, even in the worst-case scenario. Our legal team specializes in asset protection trusts, and we can add provisions to your estate plan to make sure that your assets aren’t jeopardized by medical fees.

McKenzie Legal & Financial is headed by an accomplished estate planning attorney who is also a registered financial consultant.

If you’re interested in creating an estate plan that works for you, set up a free consultation today. Mr. McKenzie can meet with you to discuss options for your financial planning needs.